Let’s be a farmer

One of big problems of an agricultural country, like Indonesia is the reluctance of young people to take a part in farming activities. Our young prefer city’s clean and air conditioned-official job, than a muddy-dirty rice field, or a blazing hot farming’s work. We should worry if this trend continuously ensues, since our recent farmers age about 40-60 years old. If there is no reform in our agriculture system, it is predicted that in two or three decades later, we have to import all of agricultural commodities. Then, what is the most important to do now? Becoming a farmer is not a prestigious work, that the young can boast of among their buddies. Since, farm is mostly run in the villages, a place for simple living, no bar, no restaurant, no cinema, and of course no internet connection, living there is a boring moment for young. Working as a farmer is unsure and have more risk than working as a white collar or blue collar. When we start planting, we need to commit one thing: wait and continuously nurture our plant until the harvest time come. As a farmer, it seems that they have free time a lot, but in fact, they have to go to the field every day. However, if you are the owner of the farm, then you will be the boss. It means, you work under non pressure circumstance. Becoming a farmer as a heritable job sometimes no need to be dismay as we just carried on the work. But, for a newbie in agriculture, starting the business is uneasy. The most crucial things are capital and braveness. To earn some loan from the bank is not as easy as many people said. We need to give the bank a guarantee which allow them believe in our profitable and safety business in the future. For this matter, our young have not been prepared well, whether in our education institution nor in family. Therefore, government have to provide a loan scheme for the young to start business in agriculture. We also have to monitor and accompany them running their business, and give advises, recommended method, and also establish marketing system for ensure the trading of their product. As in developed country, farmers challenge themselves in the national competition in agriculture product, such as, the biggest onion contest in England. Attending annual competition or contest will encourage young farmer to become the best in their world. Again, to become a success agricultural country in the world, we need to invest more. Persuasion without a factual action will not come to reality. Government should follow the appeal with some progressive investment, knowledge, and challenges.